Top Lounges to Pick Up European Girls

As dedicated bloggers and great lovers of good lounges, we are always happy to make our selection for you. And in Europe, we had something to do: between the alternative places that take you in the afternoon, the bars that make you enjoy small prices and clubs open until the dawn cannot tell you that here they are having a lot of fun! And when it comes to picking up European girls there are many different lounges to go to.

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4 Lounges to Pick Up Euro Girls


The RAW is an alternative place where bars, food trucks, exhibitions and ephemeral activities (type flea market) follow each other in the middle of this former industrial site. These are not first-class buildings, but that’s the charm of this unusual place … that and the cozy little terraces and fabulous light garlands that make Europe’s signature. Tested and approved on site, there are many lounges: Neue Heimat the trendiest, Cassiopeia with its climbing wall the day, the Badehaus with these concerts, Urban Spree for its immense terrace and a comfortable area which is ideal for a date.

And if you still do not have enough, next door is Suicide Circus, one of the most emblematic lounges in Europe.


So, this is good if you like Jamaica. Fine sand under your feet, waiters with dreadlocks, good reggae sound and mega chill atmosphere of this great complex is like no other! Between photo exhibitions, football matches, improvised concerts and food trucks of world food cuisine, we come here to land in a deckchair. The typical evening down? A good beer, feet in the sand and the look that follows the sunset that sets in the Spree while continuing to chat with your European friends.


Hello rooftop hiding at the top of a shopping center! Hang in there, to access it you will have to go to the last floor (accessible by elevator) then to climb again by foot, by the carpark. It costs 5 € for entrance, day and night (it closes around 1 am… so early enough for Europe) but with a beautiful view, a garden jooooli (really, like plants and flowers everywhere), a cozy bar with a nice DJ and a large terrace atmosphere recycle. We should not that there aren’t many hot European women here though.

If You Fail to Pick Up Girls at a Lounge

If you aren’t having a lot of luck at the lounges then there are a few things you can try.

Meet a European Girl Online

By far the best strategy if you fail at the bars/clubs is to meet a girl online. Date Smarter Guide wrote about the best European dating sites which are an excellent place to meet a nice girl. This can save your night if you strike out which happens to everyone.

 Hit the Streets

The ladies in Europe need a man. Especially when it comes to marriage. Meeting women on the street can be a good strategy. All you need to do is go up to them and talk nicely. Ask them back to your place and be aggressive.

How To End A Relationship

What is the most successful way to end a relationship? Sometimes, disputes, problems, and differences cause a traumatic rupture. To the extent that we can, the ideal would be to end the relationship in a mature and healthy way.

Let’s think that when it comes to ending a stage of our life, we should not let the feelings of anger and anger control our behaviors and pass through us the page of that book, so full of emotions.

Here are some ideas on how to break up with someone easily, if you ever need to finish a relationship, do it in the best way possible.

1. There’s no solution

When a relationship can no longer be sustained, usually the two partners know it. But it always costs a lot to take the step. It is hard to imagine ourselves without that person who has been by our side. However, it is necessary for the end, the separation, to happen.

What makes us decide?

On the one hand, the fear of telling the other person that we no longer want it or that it is impossible for us to sustain that situation. And also the fear of loneliness, because it may surprise you, but there are many people who prefer to continue maintaining an unhappy relationship rather than being alone.

It is an immature attitude, but frequent.

We do not know if we will be able to expose everything we feel to give the relationship finished. Some people, far from acting with courage, prefer to leave without any explanation. Nor is it adequate.

Face the dialogue

To end a relationship in a healthy way it is necessary that you talk face to face with your partner and that you expose the situation.

Before meeting your partner, mentally organize all those ideas you want to expose. The reasons why you should terminate the relationship. You can also think of possible arguments to give before questions he could ask you.

If you look insecure, better go mentally prepared.

Express yourself calmly and sincerely. You are aware that the relationship must end, it is something that you have assumed and that is how you should express it.

It is possible that some discussion may arise. Prepare yourself and always maintain serenity, calmly defending your ideas.

Show that you know very well what you want and that what you want is the best for both of you.

2. Manage your emotions appropriately

You must be aware that the way in which you end this relationship is something that you will always remember. Therefore, it is necessary to succeed in the best possible way.

If we end the relationship with screams, reproaches, anger and negative feelings it will be very difficult for both to overcome what happened. You will need more time to assume that anger, to calm, to be able to move forward.

So, whenever possible, try to make that end as mature and calm as possible.

You must be aware that the end is the best for both. Assuming it will provide you with calmness. Maintain good self-esteem You know what is best for you and you should make it clear that this relationship causes you more harm than good.

You should also know that after the break, a cluster of nervous and strange emotions will arrive at you. It is normal. It is normal for tears to come, sadness, despair. It is part of the process and as such you must accept it.

However, the ideal is that there are no feelings of anger or contempt, otherwise it will be more difficult to overcome it.

There are many couples who after having terminated their relationship, take a step back and start again. It is clear that each couple is their own universe, with their own personal laws and energies. But if you are aware that this relationship only causes you suffering, close that door forever.

To end a relationship is to end a stage of our life. It is not an end, it is a new beginning and this is what you should see your partner. If only you have caused damage, why suffer more? It is time to be brave and to start lives separately.

You will have to assume a new way of life where there are still many emotions. It is normal. Ideally, you should keep good memories. If you focus on the bad guys you will only be able to feed the anger and frustration, and this is not healthy at all.

Think that the past is past is gone. Keep everything good that you have lived and stay with it. Get an apprenticeship of the experience and feel proud of yourself. You have closed a door and will open more. Now you are wiser because you know what is good for you and what is not.

Accept that life cycles, seasons that end and new roads that appear. People should always seek our own happiness, and if at any time you meet someone who wants to build that path with you, dare. Love is always worth it.

Tents For Camping: Guides and Advice

The hiking tent (2 or 3 places) must be lightweight (between 2 and 3.5 kg), compact, easy and fast assembly.

Today, the most suitable models are:
– Igloo tents: 2-3 seats, from 2.2 Kg to 3.5 Kg. Also in polyamide.
– profiled, taller and wider in front than behind, accommodating 2 or 3 people. They weigh between 1.8 and 2.8 kg.
– super light domes or tunnels (weighing between 2 and 2.9 kg): Helsport models, The North Face, Lafuma, James …

These tents are either entirely made of nylon or lined with cotton on the inside, with a roof nylon. They are compact and easy to install.
Prices vary depending on the materials used (polyester or polyamide, fiber or alloy hoops) and their manufacture. They range from 200 to 500 dollars. These models are only suitable for active hiking. Their living space is reduced. The more versatile models are domes or tunnels with advanced, more spacious than Canadian but also heavier. Moreover, their choice is very wide. The simple and low-end models are not hiking tents but tents called “extra” for easy use and trouble-free. As soon as you are subjected to more severe weather (rain, wind, etc.), it is better to opt for better-built models.

The materials used: the roof is made of polyester and the alloy arches (the fiber is heavier and more fragile). The inner tent is either breathable nylon or cotton or polycotton and comfortable size (about 130-150 cm wide by 200-205 cm deep). The advanced or apses, which measure between 70 and 80 cm, allow storage of camping equipment. The floor mats must not be too light in order to be able to withstand the difficulties of the ground.

The best models have seams made waterproof by thermo-welded bands. Depending on the type of advance, weights range from 2.9 to 3.8 kg (in 2-3 places) and prices range from 140 to 600 dollars.

Other gear

If you are looking for a tent then surely you are going on a camping trip. You should check out some best tactical gear reviews and get some other products that will help you to enjoy your camping in the woods.

Toilet Spray Valve Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners have no idea how to fix the toilet spray valve and end up calling a professional like Dallas Plumbing. This is fine but, spending money on the repair is not ideal. It is actually quite easy to repair the toilet spray valve, you can do it on your own in less than a couple of hours.

First, remove the tank lid from the toilet, which may be on the top of the tank or on the back depending on the design of your bathroom. Remember to place the lid properly to one side, since most designs are made of heavy ceramic and it would be a major problem to replace a broken lid.

Look at the parts to determine where the problem is. You can start by pressing the discharge lever. It is likely that you can repair the valve simply by attaching the chain connecting the discharge lever to the valve that allows the water to flow into the main toilet bowl when pulling the chain.

If the chain is intact, check the valve, which is usually made of rubber and is the one that seals the hole through which the water escapes. This is known as a rubber or rubber valve. Make sure it is sealing the entire hole and that the tank is filled, otherwise you will need to replace the valve.

Most hardware stores have these valves. To find the indicated spare part, take a photo or the same valve to the hardware store. Take note of the brand, so it will be easier to purchase replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Other owners after repairing their toilet valve choose to replace them with more modern alternatives, especially if the old valve is already old. Most valves are damaged or malfunctioning as time passes due to mineral deposits from the water. The valves of the toilets also stop working due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, product of poor maintenance.

The best advice is to regularly clean not only the exterior of your toilet but the inside of the tank as well. Not only will it prevent future damage, but it will also ensure that the water used is clean.

There is nothing like a running toilet and very clean bathroom.

How To Cut Wood Properly

Have you ever needed to know which saw is the right one for each type of job? Or even how to use it? Tools make cutting the wood less complicated, faster and more accurate. If used properly and with care, they can be a huge advantage when starting a new project with wood.

There are a variety of saws you can use to cut wood. This article is full of tips that will help you along the way and is a useful guide on some of the types of saws out there.

Use a circular saw

These types of saws are used to cut wood, medium density fiberboard, wood blocks, and chipboard. The cuts are very good and accurate. As with the jigger, the cut itself is made when the leaves are raised up through the wood, so the cleaner side will remain at the bottom.

When making a new cut place the lacquered surface of the wood on a stool to make sure that the cutting area is clear and that you do not cut through what you do not want to cut.  It’s important to note that circular saws won’t be as good as table saws.  The Dewalt dwe 7491rs, for example, will cut better than any circular saw on the market.

Use a jigsaw

You can place different sheets to cut different types of solid wood like plywood, and also the table. The jigsaws are specifically designed for wood cutting. It can produce straight or curved cuts.

When generating a cut, position the wood on the stool and make sure the cut area is clear so you do not cut anything you do not want to cut.

This saw makes cuts by raising the edge through the wood, which means that the cleaner side will be on the underside. Keep this in mind when placing the wood you want to cut, especially when cutting lacquered solid wood or with a surface of melanin.

The jigsaws usually have adjustable speed ranges and are available with the ability to expel dirt to the air, dust removal and also with an interchangeable base for your convenience.

Air Mattress Comparison

air mattressThe fierce duel that we want to discuss between the two big brands in terms of the electric inflatable mattress was therefore closed with a score of 1 win and a draw everywhere. Are the Intex and Aerobed air mattresses identical and have the value? The answer is with this detailed report.

Already we can say that this draw is also explained by our desire to compare mattresses of equivalent level. In these three duels, you will find that the mattresses will be in close ranges, whether for the price and comfort provided.

This is a choice that has appeared obvious to us, we must compare what is comparable. We do not make unfair comparisons. On these three models, the benefits between the Intex mattress and Aerobed were very close, but in fact, we can say that these two brands have similar features.


Already, it should be said that the leading brand of the market offers a large number of top rated airbeds. With its 15 different models, it can boast to offer a wide choice to its customers and to be present in all sectors of this market. In fact, Intex is very present in the first price market, and one can say that its strategy is to target the general public with a very good value for money.

This strategy is explained by its position as a world leader, which has the virtue to reach the largest number and produces plenty of mattresses each year.


The Aerobed mark up in a completely opposite strategy and it’s electric inflatable mattress models are exclusively premium level or very high end. Aerobed has the will to make genuine inflatable beds, which offer comfort worthy of traditional bedding. This is seen through its flagship product, the inflatable bed platinum raised, which has nothing to envy the true bed.

Obviously, such comfort has a price and the Aerobed mattresses are therefore more expensive. Moreover, since its inception, the subsidiary has always attached great importance to its patented inflation system, which is growing faster over the years.

In fact, a bit like all luxury products, there is a little taste of extraordinary when you own an Aerobed inflatable bed!


We can say that if the 3 rounds of this duel have been very balanced, they do not fully reflect the reality of the market, where Intex is more oriented towards the general public and therefore has a complete range to satisfy the greatest number. Aerobed, for its part, is a company turned exclusively for the most demanding, who will not look at the expense in order to afford the best possible comfort.

Now that you know all this, it’s up to you to make your choice!