Top Lounges to Pick Up European Girls

As dedicated bloggers and great lovers of good lounges, we are always happy to make our selection for you. And in Europe, we had something to do: between the alternative places that take you in the afternoon, the bars that make you enjoy small prices and clubs open until the dawn cannot tell you that here they are having a lot of fun! And when it comes to picking up European girls there are many different lounges to go to.

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4 Lounges to Pick Up Euro Girls


The RAW is an alternative place where bars, food trucks, exhibitions and ephemeral activities (type flea market) follow each other in the middle of this former industrial site. These are not first-class buildings, but that’s the charm of this unusual place … that and the cozy little terraces and fabulous light garlands that make Europe’s signature. Tested and approved on site, there are many lounges: Neue Heimat the trendiest, Cassiopeia with its climbing wall the day, the Badehaus with these concerts, Urban Spree for its immense terrace and a comfortable area which is ideal for a date.

And if you still do not have enough, next door is Suicide Circus, one of the most emblematic lounges in Europe.


So, this is good if you like Jamaica. Fine sand under your feet, waiters with dreadlocks, good reggae sound and mega chill atmosphere of this great complex is like no other! Between photo exhibitions, football matches, improvised concerts and food trucks of world food cuisine, we come here to land in a deckchair. The typical evening down? A good beer, feet in the sand and the look that follows the sunset that sets in the Spree while continuing to chat with your European friends.


Hello rooftop hiding at the top of a shopping center! Hang in there, to access it you will have to go to the last floor (accessible by elevator) then to climb again by foot, by the carpark. It costs 5 € for entrance, day and night (it closes around 1 am… so early enough for Europe) but with a beautiful view, a garden jooooli (really, like plants and flowers everywhere), a cozy bar with a nice DJ and a large terrace atmosphere recycle. We should not that there aren’t many hot European women here though.

If You Fail to Pick Up Girls at a Lounge

If you aren’t having a lot of luck at the lounges then there are a few things you can try.

Meet a European Girl Online

By far the best strategy if you fail at the bars/clubs is to meet a girl online. Date Smarter Guide wrote about the best European dating sites which are an excellent place to meet a nice girl. This can save your night if you strike out which happens to everyone.

 Hit the Streets

The ladies in Europe need a man. Especially when it comes to marriage. Meeting women on the street can be a good strategy. All you need to do is go up to them and talk nicely. Ask them back to your place and be aggressive.