Toilet Spray Valve Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners have no idea how to fix the toilet spray valve and end up calling a professional like Dallas Plumbing. This is fine but, spending money on the repair is not ideal. It is actually quite easy to repair the toilet spray valve, you can do it on your own in less than a couple of hours.

First, remove the tank lid from the toilet, which may be on the top of the tank or on the back depending on the design of your bathroom. Remember to place the lid properly to one side, since most designs are made of heavy ceramic and it would be a major problem to replace a broken lid.

Look at the parts to determine where the problem is. You can start by pressing the discharge lever. It is likely that you can repair the valve simply by attaching the chain connecting the discharge lever to the valve that allows the water to flow into the main toilet bowl when pulling the chain.

If the chain is intact, check the valve, which is usually made of rubber and is the one that seals the hole through which the water escapes. This is known as a rubber or rubber valve. Make sure it is sealing the entire hole and that the tank is filled, otherwise you will need to replace the valve.

Most hardware stores have these valves. To find the indicated spare part, take a photo or the same valve to the hardware store. Take note of the brand, so it will be easier to purchase replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Other owners after repairing their toilet valve choose to replace them with more modern alternatives, especially if the old valve is already old. Most valves are damaged or malfunctioning as time passes due to mineral deposits from the water. The valves of the toilets also stop working due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, product of poor maintenance.

The best advice is to regularly clean not only the exterior of your toilet but the inside of the tank as well. Not only will it prevent future damage, but it will also ensure that the water used is clean.

There is nothing like a running toilet and very clean bathroom.